Olofsfors ECO-Tracks™ is the original among forest machine tracks. With over 1200 product combinations, we can deliver a product of the highest quality that fits perfectly to your machine and your conditions.

Bogie Tracks

Choose from our nine ECO-Tracks™ product families and learn how to customize the track to fit your machine and your ground conditions.

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Wheel Tracks

Olofsfors ECO-WHEEL TRACKS™ are the market leader in wheel tracks for forest machines.

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Olofsfors PRO-GRIP™ chains are a good choice for those who want a better grip and less ground damage.

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Tools and spare parts

Find the right tools and spare parts for your tracks and chains.

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A new load-bearing track, with better grip and bearing capacity for wet and sensitive soils. Thanks to its design and shape, the track fits firmly on the tires. Suitable for driving on rice beds and protects soil and roots.

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Next generation KovaX. New choice of material, 20% stronger profile.

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CoverX 180 - for extremely wet and sensitive soils

The track with maximum flotation capacity, minimal ground impact and optimal grip against the tires.

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New tensioner - Center mounting tool

Four times faster than the old, manual tool. 200% more traction (3 tons). Interchangeable claws. One clone is the same as the exchanged one. Center-mounted drawbar.

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New link system

Olofsfors can now offer a 29 mm linkage system for your track. That means 37% more to wear and increased wear time.

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The next generation of chains are here

Olofsfors PRO-GRIP™ is a profitable option for you who want a greater grip and less ground destruction. We have now expanded our range of chain options with Olofsfors Pro Grip-U, F, SF, G and RC.

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Download price list

Want to know more about our products? Download our price list with all of our tracks. Available as a PDF file or Excel file. Or contact us for more information regarding our products. *** NOTE! The price list is being updated and cannot be downloaded at the moment ***

Gentle on the ground means profit for you

A forest machine track creates a protective layer between the machine and the soil, to reduce mesh damage and tire wear. A forest track from Olofsfors can both lower your fuel consumption and improve your driving experience as the machine makes its way easier with more stability through the terrain. All to increase your profitability and leave minor soil damages.

Track configurator

Through our configurator, we have made it easier for you to choose the right track.

Document library

Find supporting manuals, catalogues and instructions in the library.

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Video library

Find instructional videos, and to learn about our products, visit the library.

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Contact us

If you have any questions or want to place an order, please contact our offices. 

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Five reasons to choose ECO-TRACKS™ from Olofsfors

We know that the territory where you work puts high demands on performance. We also know that this work can take a heavy toll on the environment. This is why our tracks are developed both with you and the environment in mind.

Operate with greater stability and load more

Thanks to a larger contact surface, your machine will be steadier in unstable terrain. It reduces the risk of tipping so you can drive faster and load more. You save time and provide a better operating experience.

Gentle to the forest and ground

Without tracks, your tires dig in and leave deep ruts in the ground, and damage tree roots. The ground is compressed and water collects in the ruts that cannot soak into the soil. With tracks from Olofsfors, you secure regrowth of the forest and ensure that it will continue to be profitable well into the future.

Better grip and pulling power

Our tracks provide better grip and pulling power regardless of the terrain. This is due to the larger contact surface and in part to the unique shape of the cross members. Customize the size and profile of the cross members to fit your ground.

Lets the tires last longer

Without tracks, tire wear, risk of tire damage and punctures leading to stopping time and reduced production increases. With our tracks your tires are well protected and you extend the service life by 65-75%.

Reduced fuel consumption

Olofsfors ECO-TRACKS™ distributes the machine pressure more evenly on the ground. The tires do not dig down as deep which means that the machine does not have to work as hard and consequently consumes less fuel.

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