26 November 2020

The winner of the Pink Ribbon 2020

The winner of the Pink Ribbon 2020 is; Contribution no. 23, RW skogsmaskiner AB. Congratulations!

We have also drawn 7 contributions that are welcome here, at a later time, for a factory visit with training and socializing.

These are;

Contribution no 1
Curras Transport AB

Contribution no 33
Anders Adolfssons Skogstjänst AB

Contribution no 40
Österby Gallring AB

Contribution no 26
Classons Skogsvård AB Classons Skogsvård AB

Contribution no 30
Rooth Skogsvård AB Rooth Skogsvård AB

Contribution no 5
Freddes skogstjänst

Contribution no 13
Sonö Jord & Skog AB

We Thank you for all the fantastic gifts in this year's Pink Ribbon collection!

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